Applying For A Ukrainian Fiancee Visa Facts You Should Know

Getting a bridal visa for a Ukrainian fiance is vital and would be a primary concern before you can happily settle down with your Ukrainian lady. Foreigners can easily get in Ukraine. Foreign nationals like the Americans or Europeans have no need for a visa to visit Ukraine. This is not true however, for the Ukrainians, more so if it is bridal visa you are getting for your fiance. It will be helpful for you to know beforehand what the possible problems you might encounter and how to avoid or go about them. To begin with, you must be prepared to take on this task with care and patience as this could become a long-drawn-out process.

Hurried plans for marrying your fiance in your own country would definitely be out of the question. Applying for a bridal visa for your sweetheart could take at least two weeks to twelve months, which will depend largely on the requirements of your country. One way to go around this difficulty is to marry your Ukrainian fiance in Ukraine. Still you have to have some preparations done with respect to the Ukrainian wedding traditions and of course, fulfilling the local required documentations. Otherwise, you will have to go through the set procedure of applying for a bridal visa step by step, armed with long patience and charm. Now, besides being time consuming, the process of obtaining a bridal visa for your Ukrainian fiancee is also quite expensive.

Again, it all depends on the country of your origin. One of the countries it takes the longest to open a bridal visa to is USA and it is most expensive to open it to UK. An average cost of the bridal visa would vary from 200 to 600 Euro. Most of this money would go towards covering the expenses of legal papers to be prepared. The primary documents you have to provide to facilitate this process would be your passport and your official bridal invitation for your lady.

She will have to fill out certain forms and submit a number of required documents to your country's embassy. As mentioned earlier, the procedure can get quite difficult, so you should be forearmed with accurate information and already have all the required documents for opening a bridal visa for your Ukrainian fiance. For faster facility you can visit your embassy's website and get all the information online. After filling out and submitting the visa application form, you will both receive a communication from your embassy listing down all additional documents and forms you have to accomplish and submit.

As the Ukrainian mailing systems runs at a snail's pace it will do you a lot of good to just download the required forms from your embassy's website. Now, you could also get the services of a local company or agency which provides assistance for opening bridal visas. Just be ready to shell out some more money to cover their fees.

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