Looking for Mr. Right? 3 Ways to Guarantee You'll Find Him Within a Year
By Michael Myerscough

Are you looking to find your Mr. Right? Your perfect partner? A man that you'll love passionately, forever, and who'll love you back even more?
Then there are 3 things you must know or must do in order to make sure you get him.
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How to Make Friends: Become a Chameleon
by Tim Wright

When you first meet someone, they immediately begin to make a decision as to whether or not they like you based on a number of different attributes.
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Older Women, Younger Men: What Makes it Work?
By Tonja Weimer

Did you ever wonder why younger men are attracted to older women? Have you noticed that more of these relationships are out there? What is the quality that attracts them to each other, and in many cases, makes them stick?
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Open Your Heart to Love
By Tim Ong

Many people live a life without love.

They cannot love themselves, and therefore they cannot love anyone else. Some even feel that they do not deserve love. The sad fact is that without love, no matter what else you have in life, it's not enough. We need to love ourselves unconditionally in order to live fully.
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How to Write a Personal Ad
By Jan Verhoeff

Curiosity bites! But, so does cupid. So, how does one write a personal ad that attracts the right kind of attention? Dating can be such a frenzied activity, with so little time to actually meet the right person.
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Should You Look For Relationships Through Online Dating?
By Hill Way

This was the big question of my life last year. Should I look for relationships online? To be honest, I had a pretty big attitude about online dating sites. I have friends and family who have been hurt in relationships that started online so I was against the whole idea of it.
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