Older Women, Younger Men: What Makes it Work?
By Tonja Weimer

Did you ever wonder why younger men are attracted to older women? Have you noticed that more of these relationships are out there? What is the quality that attracts them to each other, and in many cases, makes them stick?

Once, on another planet called "Public School Education," I worked with a superior group of the human species--teachers. As a consultant to school systems, I went from school to school and classroom to classroom to discover what would help each teaching staff do a better job. What I discovered is the same rule that applies to all situations in life. Once a person is trained for their job, the only difference between those who are successful and those who are not is this: attitude

The older woman, younger man couple hinges on this same dynamic: attitude. If you have a great outlook on life, you can transform your reality, and the reality of those around you. People with enthusiasm are attracted to each other, no matter what their age differences.

* Attitude starts with how the individual sees the world. This perspective is unique to them and is based on their interpretation of their experiences, gender, culture, and family of origin, among others.

* This attitude translates into the actions they take to reflect their point of view and their beliefs.

* Those actions lead to the results they can achieve, and those results reaffirm their attitude about life.

Successful older women/younger men combinations would not endure unless both had an attitude that embraced the following qualities:

* They are both not stuck in a pre-determined role model. They don't care which one cooks, drives, mows the grass, or makes the most money.

* They both are allowing of each others differences. Not only that, they are tolerant of the differences of others around them. Age, history, profession, and even culture are all components of interest rather than stumbling blocks.

* They both have a youthful energy for whatever they choose to get involved in.

* Lastly, this combo works when there is a shared attitude around communication--verbally, sexually, and spiritually. When this type of communication exists, age differences are less important.

Older women/younger men have an attitude that says, "We don't care what the world thinks. The only opinion that matters about whether we are together or not is ours."

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