How to Write a Personal Ad
By Jan Verhoeff

Curiosity bites! But, so does cupid. So, how does one write a personal ad that attracts the right kind of attention? Dating can be such a frenzied activity, with so little time to actually meet the right person.

But, here I sit, in front of the most common communication tool of our time, so how do I write an Ad that will attract the kind of person I want to date?

“SWF, 4 children, 46, looking for SWM with good attitude” just didn’t appeal to me. So, I did some research and wrote a great ad, getting lots of knocks and winks. So I thought I’d share my process.

1. Before you start spouting out what you want, you need to look at what you really do want. Personally, I have a list and I’ll share a few items on that list. Someone who will laugh with me, enjoys a good meal and might even help cook it, and can participate in quality conversation will work for starters. Know what you want, so you can aim for your goal.

2. Start out with some specifics and open up to more general ideas. You may know what you want, but there’s only one Brad Pit, and he’s not looking for someone 46 years old with 4 children. So, leave some options open and you might be surprised at who signs on as Mr. Right. Heck, Brad Pit may be available next week?

3. Write as if you already know who will be reading your Ad. You know, like it’s going to be your best friend, because that’s the result you want from the Ad. You want a new best friend, one who will knock you off your feet (well, not literally), make you swoon with desire, and pick up his own socks. Write your Ad in a conversational tone, and talk like you would be talking to your new best friend. Maybe he’ll think he already knows you on the first call.

4. Don’t tell them what you look like, provide a great photo of yourself. Don’t tell them what kind of personality you have, show them with your conversational manner and charming style. Be yourself, and charm your way into their hearts. Be naturally yourself and share the thoughts you’d want someone to know. Make your personality shine through by using active energized verbs and descriptions. Share the essence of who you are.

5. Your Ad can be as long or as short as you wish (or as the site allows) but you may want to start out with a shorter ad that you can add to as you recognize characteristics you might want to share. It’s difficult to take away from an ad, but putting more in is almost always an option. Write your ad on word pad, and check your spelling and grammar. Nothing says YUK like misspelled words and bad grammar.

6. Be honest by don’t dump all your issues in the ad. Nobody really cares if you have thunder thighs, one blue eye and one brown one, or just got over the plague (as long as you aren’t still a carrier). Be honest and share your best qualities, keep the bad qualities to yourself at this point, unless you have pointy ears and sprang from a Vulcan (which might get you more dates).

7. Don’t give it all away in the ad, you want something to chatter about on your first dates besides the weather and the cost of gas. However, you might want to consider the cost of gas in where you search for your date. Consideration for the other person’s wallet is a nicety that won’t be forgotten. If distance may be an issue, be honest about where you live.

If you are looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right – you may just find them. If you’re looking for a friend, that’s entirely possible too. Get out there and live your life well and love will find you.

About the author:
Jan Verhoeff enjoys life with her family in Colorado. Her writing skills provide ample opportunity to travel and meet people. Her interest in people have opened up many opportunities for her – including this opportunity to create a website for helping singles find other singles. Visit her site at

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