Common Causes of Divorce in Families

At a macro level, there are many reasons for the high rate of divorce, such as financial empowerment and liberation of women, relaxation in divorce laws, rise of individualism, the concept of personal freedom, easy remarriage and the wide social acceptability of divorce. Due to these reasons, ordinary people have become empowered to dissolve marital relationships. Today, partners do not want to live their life stuck in caustic relationships that give them no joy. Instead they do not think twice about getting rid of the relationship by filing for divorce.

Most people do not want to split their families if they can help it. This is because divorce has terrible consequences for every family member, be they adult or children. Everybody goes through a lot of emotional turmoil and stress. Children particularly are the most vulnerable. They suffer from a guilt complex and future-anxiety. However, there are many situations in a family that may still push a spouse toward divorce and marital disintegration.

Some of these divorce-inducing factors are given below. Emotional Abuse This is a very subtle form of abuse that can only be felt but not seen with naked eyes. It is also difficult to prove and usually denied by the aggressor despite claims of victimisation by the individual who is experiencing the abuse. This involves behaviour such as taunts, unjustified and constant criticism, verbal castigation and abuse, denial of financial resources, unreasonable restrictions on one's physical movements, interfering in one's personal life, taking all decisions on the victim's behalf and so on. Emotional abuse is something that scalds the soul and turns life into hell.

The self-confidence of the victim is destroyed. Divorce is a good option if you are stuck in such a relationship. Physical Abuse There are many people in this world who are sadists. They get a macabre satisfaction from inflicting pain on others. Husbands who beat their wives and children regularly fall in this category.

Physical abuse involves hitting the body of the victim, such as punches, kicks and pushing around or beating with an object. Sometimes, its results can be dangerous and the victim may get crippled for life or even die. Physical abuse ultimately affects the mind.

It is easy for physical scars to heal over time, but the wounds they inflict on one's psyche are very difficult to heal indeed. They twist and distort one's personality for many decades to come. Women stuck in a caustic relationship with physical abuse as the main marital experience mostly decide to call it quits and file for divorce. Infidelity Trust is the basis of any marital relationship. Only that marriage succeeds where the partners remain loyal to each other all through. When a spouse enters into an extra-marital affair and breaks the trust of the other, the consequences are fatal for the relationship.

A huge chunk of divorces in the world today is caused due to infidelity. Extra-marital affairs occur due to many reasons. There are more opportunities now to meet those of the opposite sex at the work place and at places such as bars and sports club where many people congregate regularly. Then there is the proverbial seven-year itch ? the irrational desire among people who have been married for seven or eight years to look for romantic interests outside marriage.

Some individuals are just habitual cheaters. Financial Constraints When people get married, they are very excited because it is the beginning of a new chapter in life. They have many dreams and aspirations that they look forward to fulfilling with the help of their partner. The dream sours after some years when the financial situation of the family cannot afford the lifestyle one of the partners had dreamed of before marriage.

The bad blood generated due to lack of resources gradually spoils the relationship and pushes the partners toward separation. Infertility Becoming parents and accepting the happy responsibility of rearing children is what motivates many people to get married. Procreation is a natural human urge, Humans, especially women, are hotwired to have babies. A life lived seems incomplete without the experience of fatherhood or motherhood. Infertility is thus a serious situation that can jeopardise any marital relationship.

Both men and women can become infertile due to a variety of reasons but many of these can be treated by modern medicine, such as in-vitro fertilisation. Infertility of a partner takes the charm out of marriage because the family cannot be extended beyond the two partners. Many spouses reconcile to the situation and go for adoption, but quite a few opt for divorce so that they are free to enter new relationships.

James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you would like more information on how to get a quickie Divorce see

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