Your Dating Checklist
by Kathy Thompson

"Your Dating Checklist" Have your on-line dates bombed? How do you choose someone to date? Ssshhh! Don't tell your date about this. If you're on line looking for a date, here's a secret way to determine if you really want to date them. Take a good look at the faces of your potential dates. Each face reveals its personality, background, and destiny. Keep this checklist handy as you look through all those photos. Also use this with anyone you see who appeals to you.

___Adventurous/risk taker - high prominent cheekbones, cleft in chin ___Emotional - large eyes (little white area), turned up nose ___Possessive - ears stick out ___Romantic - dimple in chin ___Competitive - wide face, strong jaw & chin ___Critical - eyes slant down ___Friendly/Informal - low set eye brows, large ears ___Sensuous - full lips, bedroom eyes, eyes that slant up ___Playful - dimples in one or both cheeks, dimple in chin ___Moody - the left and right sides of the face are opposites ___Quiet/Reserved - deep set eyes, small iris, small mouth ___Sexy - full lips, lower eye lid droops, thin lines under eyes and near the temples, large dark eyes, large upper lid ___Dominant - high domed forehead, pointed chin ___Impatient - eyes are very close together ___Generous - full lips, round nostrils or wide flared nostrils ___Dependable - wide nose wings ___Creative - dome forehead, round nose tip, curved eyebrows, round head ___Intellect - thin face, large forehead, small jaw & chin ___Suspicious - crooked mouth ___Violent - whites under both irises

One last thing you need to do it, get a mirror. Okay, now check yourself against this list. As you are looking at yourself, look at your prospective date. Do you have the same type of features? The more facial features you have in common, the more compatible you are. You'll have similar interests.

Face Reading (physiognomy) is an ancient science that reveals the personality and destiny of everyone. What you think about most of the time shows up on your face. So your face becomes a road map of your mind.

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