Is High Divorce Rate Perpetuating Global Warming

This unique concept and hitherto unexplored possibility was presented by Professor Jianguo "Jack" Liu and Eunice Yu at Michigan State University. These findings might motivate all divorce-contemplating couples to work harder at their marriages. The negative effects of high divorce rates were so longer felt on the immediate family members. Gradually, its impact on society was realised. It now seems divorce is anathema to the entire globe.

Probably, nature intends that families stay united and aspires to preserving this trend! High Divorce Rates and Global Warming The proponents of the theory explained that when people live together in a single household, food for the entire family is cooked simultaneously. This leads to efficient use of fuel. Secondly, by living together, all the members use the same lights under one roof. When families split, they require a separate house. The heightened demand for more houses placed by divorcing families stresses land and other natural resources like wood. Subsequently, the usage of electricity, fuel and water also increases.

It's not just land and other natural resources that feel the burden of intensified demand. With the increase in the number of houses, the entire infrastructure needed to support it has to be subsequently increased like the black topped roads, supply of electric lines, etc. Moreover, the new family unit that has been created requires an entirely different set of furniture, washing machine, refrigerator, vehicle for transport, etc. In short, the demand for every household good right from a pin to a car increases. Increased consumption also leads to increased generation of waste. This sets in motion an entire chain.

The cumulative effect of this is that by increasing our divorce rates, we are placing extra stress on our natural resources. These also bring about environmental changes, climatic changes and a loss of biodiversity. These facts do not create much of a stir when presented unsubstantiated by figures.

The magnitude of their effect is realised only when accompanied by hard statistics. A Few Pertinent Statistics Though, these statistics pertain to the US, the findings are globally applicable to all the regions that reel under the pressure placed by heightened divorce rates. Logic states that intact families spend less on electricity and water compared to divorced couples. The extra spending by divorced families translates to a 56% increase on electricity (an increase of 73 billion kilowatt hours of electricity.) Water consumption of divorced families is more by 42% when compared to families that live in the same house. The entailed expenditure consequently led to an increase of $6.

9 billion in extra utility per annum while the water charges worked out to $3.6 billion. Divorced families also required about 33% to 95% more of rooms in comparison to their married counterparts. (The report claimed that 38.5 m more rooms and apartments were built in the US over the last 30 years to meet the enhanced demand placed by increased divorces.) So many houses have been constructed that the increase in the number of households has even outstripped population growth.

The splitting up of families requires extra household goods. Subsequently, divorced families have purchased 38% more of products, and spent 61% extra on gas. Finally, the waste generated by families that have split works out to 1˝ tons annually, in comparison to 1 ton annually for undivided families. The effect of this leads to global warming.

These statistics prove that divorce affects environment. The negative effects get reversed when families begin living together once again. Eco-friendly divorcing people (who are also aware of this report) have implemented various measures to mitigate this effect. Efforts of Eco-friendly Divorcing Couples Couples who care much for the environment and its preservation are making effort to reduce global warming. Some have replaced their incandescent lights with more efficient bulbs and have made it a point to turn off the power to electric appliances that are not in use. These simple acts greatly reduce usage of electricity.

A few divorced spouses have also purchased hybrid cars. The report by the University Professor is startlingly revealing. Though the presented facts and figures might not directly prevent divorces from occurring, it would definitely goad people to work harder at preserving their marriage and the environment too.

James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you would like more information on how to get a quickie Divorce see

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