Men learn some Powerful Romantic Skills

Men, learn some powerful romantic tips that will really impress your women. Women love men to be more romantic and most men do not make much effort at all. They say that a women's interest in intimacy starts 12 to 24 hours beforehand. Put some of these romantic tips into practice and you will be surprised at the effects. Let me give you an example from my own personal experience.

About one week ago, I purchases some red roses for my girlfriend. Now usually I just give my girlfriend flowers now and then when I feel she deserves them. I do not give flowers all the time as I feel that makes me a wuss and needy. However, I wanted to be more romantic and do something quite different and unexpected. When she was cooking dinner, I sneaked into her bed room and separated the rose petals. I then placed them on her bed and pillow, and around the floor.

Her reaction was very heart opening. No one had ever used this romantic tip with her. She really melted. The scent filled the room with a beautiful scent. I feel the keys to romance is to do something very special and unexpected.

Also I find it good to remember what she really likes for future reference. An example might be that she likes a certain sort of chocolate. Some time later, impress her with this exact make of chocolate. The next date I purchased some stick on stars that glow in the dark. Again, when she was cooking dinner I placed the stars on the ceiling with the words "I love you" spelled out with the stars.

By the way, I do cook for her too, hint,hint! She did not notice the stars till the lights went out. Needless to say I got a great cuddle that night. My next romantic tip is to order a domain name with her name for about $8. I plan to put up a simple site with some romantic poetry about us that I have written. I plan to submit the site to the search engines.

When the site gets listed and when she is online, I will suggest she do a search for her name. One thing I also do is to light some candles and incense before we make love. Usually she has a shower giving me some time to set up a lovers nest. I also have romantic music playing.

I plan to experiment with different essential oils in a oil burner soon. Women like you to make an effort creating a tantric space to make love in. Let your imagination come up with something very special and unusual.

My personal test is to think "has this romantic tip never been used by any other man in her life". If it is not that unusual, I put my thinking cap on. I also give my women spontaneous cuddles now and then. I just can't resist! Have fun being more romantic.

Maurice is a qualified sexologist trained at the Advanced Institute of Sexology. Learn tantric massage and become a better lover.

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