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If you're at a club or a bar or somewhere else where there are girls out to meet people, which ones should you tend to aim to flirt with, and possibly end up dating? Take a good look at what the girls are doing. If they are just scanning the crowd, not talking to each other very much, this means one of two things. They may be desperate for a date, which may well be a type of girl to go for if you need to build up your confidence, but you may not find there's much inside; or they may be looking for entertainment, which is likely to be hard work. It is generally better to try flirting with groups of girls that are spending a good proportion of their time talking to one another, but are also looking around. These are probably interesting girls to meet, and if the group is open enough that you could easily join it, that's another good sign.

If the girls aren't looking around at all, they aren't interested in meeting anyone else! Look also for open body language. Folded arms and legs are not good signs; lively, lighthearted conversation is what you're looking for! Once you've seen somebody you fancy in an open group or alone, before you put your foot in it, test the water. Start your flirting now, by looking at the girl for about four or five seconds. Look away for a couple of seconds with a small smile on your face, then look back again. If she's caught your eye and has a slight smile on her face, you're in with a good chance! The next stage is to walk up to her, and begin your routine. You could do this by walking somewhere with a purpose in mind, and "accidentally" brushing against her.

She will know that that was your real intention, which is exactly what you want, and you'll know whether it's worth continuing to flirt by whatever she says or does next! You'll either get a playful smile or something similar like a joke, which is a green light to go ahead, or you'll get a look of disdain or something like that, which is a signal to go away. Don't worry about getting rejected! The best way of looking at this is to imagine that you're the prize, and if she's not interested then it's her loss. If she rejected you in an overly harsh way, would you have wanted her anyway? If you worry too much, then your lack of confidence will be broadcast for all to see by your body language. Also, be of the mindset that it doesn't matter whether you end up dating this girl or not. There are plenty of single, available girls out there! A great way to build your confidence, if you need to, is to keep doing this until you are comfortable doing it! It's best to either join the group on your own; you will be displaying a lot of confidence if you do this, which is very attractive; or with one other man. Don't travel in packs when you're flirting; it just doesn't work.

It's far too off-putting. Once you've joined the group, don't ignore the rest of the people there; that would be rude. However, do concentrate most of your attention on the girl you fancy. Otherwise she will not get the message; she may even think you've gone off her! If things continue to go well, you'll want to find some reason to touch her! I'm not talking about a handshake or a peck on the cheek, either. If she is close to your personal space, then she's looking to be touched, actually. Perhaps hold her arm lightly while you point something out to her.

Touch does make a great deal of difference, and it should be high on the list in your flirting repertoire! As she and you get more comfortable with touching each other, you can then start to be more daring with your flirting! Who knows, maybe you'll get as far as a first kiss, or even further, tonight!.

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