The New Jersey Lottery and Website

Whether you are an avid daily player or just an occasional one, you always need a place to find a NJ lottery result. All winning lottery numbers are posted on the New Jersey lottery website, making it your one-stop place of winning lottery numbers for the New Jersey state lottery. On the website, you can also learn all of the rules and about all of the different games offered by the state lottery commission. There are a variety of New Jersey lottery games including drawings, instant-win games and internet games. New Jersey participates in the multi-state Mega Millions lottery in addition to the Pick-Six and Jersey Cash Five drawing games. With Pick Six, the jackpot is always a minimum of two million dollars.

If no one wins a drawing, the jackpot is rolled over. To win the game, you have to match six numbers between one and forty-nine. It costs one dollar per play, and there are drawings two times a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. You can watch the drawings live on television on the New Jersey network, or you can watch them on the official website.

If the NJ lottery result shows that you have matched at least three numbers, then you have won a prize. The NJ lottery also offers online gambling games. You can play Tetris or Cyber Slingo for cash prizes while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

You can purchase a ticket for either of these games at your local New Jersey lottery retailer. You simply scratch off the area to reveal your internet code, and then you can go online to play for cash. There are a variety of different cash prizes available depending upon your skill level.

Prizes range from three to ten thousand dollars. Playing internet lottery games is a fun way to take a chance on the New Jersey lottery. New Jersey is one of the few states to offer online games in their lottery website. Every game has clear easy instructions and they even calculate the odds for the players.

The money generated by the lottery goes to many worthwhile causes such as, education, human services, veterans' affairs, and the Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf. The New Jersey lottery site is one of the most well designed in the nation. Every game offered is thoroughly explained, and all pertinent details of each game are covered. And players can be assured that their money is going to several good causes.

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