Things Women Do that Men Hate

I was speaking with a group of friends about relationships one day and decided to ask them about the things that both sexes do that are loved or hated by the other. This is a compilation of the things they said. 1 - Move the boundaries When you make an agreement, women often either don't stick to them or say that they feel differently about the situation and they want to renegotiate. 2 - They generally do not express what is on their minds unless prompted.

Why can't she just say she's sad when she is and say she has issues with some thing when she does. 3 - They generally understand guys but disagree with the way that they are so either try to change them or just do not accommodate them. 4 - Comparing their mate to another man in an unfavourable light. The only time it may work is if the man being used for comparison is a role model to their mate.

5 - Wanting to turn the man into a lady by demanding certain kinds of actions. He is not a woman! 6 - Demeaning his interests and hobbies Some ladies belittle their husbands interests and actively try to wean them from them (for instance football), while simultaneously trying to get the man to take a deep interest in their hobbies and also participate. The end message that is often communicated is "I don't care about your interests but you had better care about mine if you love me". 7 - Slob culture from the lady - just generally unclean or untidy.

Most men like a woman who can manage her environment. 8 - Discussing the man with her friends. 9 - Nagging. 10 - Listening with a vacant shut-up-so-I-can-talk-too expression. Many men are put off by a girl who carries that kind of expression while they are talking.

Men do not always share their feelings in the way that ladies expect, so when he talks about something that is important to him and she interrupts to raise a subject that is not relevant to the matter at hand, it may generate cracks. 11 - A lady not recognising that in a conversation, men are solution oriented rather than conversation oriented. Don't get irritated because he doesn't want a 3-hour talk when he can see a quick solution. 12 - Spend all day looking in the mirror - and still not look any different! 13 - Getting paranoid about the way they look If he didn't like the way she looks, he wouldn't be with her. 14 - Insecurity when out together Men don't like women saying things like "you fancy her" and "she's far better looking than me". Stop saying it.

It irritates them to bits. Ladies are we really committing these relationship no-nos and driving our men bonkers? If you find yourself doing any of the things above, give yourself a smart rap on the knuckles. Hopefully the pain will bring you back to order.

Valentina Ibeachum has been counselling pre-wed and married couples for several years. She helps them prevent and resolve relationship problems by providing effective guidelines for building strong relationships. For FREE advice, visit RelationshipWrks.

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