Dating Tips for the Timid
by Amit Laufer

There are many timid, shy people around that have difficulties to make a candid talk with new dates, they usually require more time to adjust to the situation. A simple convenient answer for them might be to go on a first date to the movies and by that to be capable of get used to the company of the new single, without the trouble to make conversation. When you come out, you could talk about the movie you Just both watched.

An additional notion, in case you're shy about making a conversation, is to ask your date all about herself. It will aid to show that you're interested in learning all about her, as well as remove part of the pressure of talking, off you, until you're more comfort. By making them do the to talk you will feel less stressed and eventually you will calm down enough to talk about yourself.

Final point, take into account that Most humans prefer to talk mainly about their life, actually, what they need most is someone which would hear them attentively, therefore in case you are a good listener you will find Many people feel most at ease with you.

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