Wedding Toasts Dos And Donts When Writing A Best Mans Wedding Speech

There are many wedding toasts that are expected at a wedding. The most eagerly anticipated is the speech given by the best man. One of the most daunting tasks for a best man is trying to write a wedding toast that stands out, makes people laugh and is heartfelt.

Before you get too stressed and anxious about writing a best mans wedding speech remember that you will be the centre of attention and all eyes will be on you. That said, it will only be for five or ten minutes and lets face it as the day belongs to the married couple most people will be focusing on them. The important thing is to make your time count.

A best mans wedding speech is one of the most remembered wedding toasts there is so it is essential to add in a few funny or embarrassing moments from the grooms past (nothing that will cause upset of course).

Try to give the groom some heartfelt advice and refer to your own experiences when doing so. It is also important to welcome the bride and integrate her accordingly in your wedding speech.

It is crucial to choose the right material when writing wedding toasts or a wedding speech.

Remember you are trying to capture an audience with a wide age range. It is vital that your wedding speech is limited to material that is humorous to all of the guests and of course does not cross any distasteful boundaries.

Things To Avoid When Writing Wedding Toasts.

You may consider your self a witty person who can get away with certain subjects however, with an audience of people whereby some you may not know, there are subjects that should be censored when it comes to the wedding toasts.

Never talk about people who have not attended the event. This could not only upset them when they eventually find out but also relatives who know them.

Do not mention race or religion, ex partners, do not swear and most importantly do not bring up any last minute nerves the groom may have had before the wedding.

When putting together wedding toasts avoid discussing past relationships. Yes it is ok to mention a moment when the groom was five years old or less but never previous relationships that have mattered as this will no doubt cause the bride to feel uncomfortable and upset.

It is expected that the best man will talk about the bride and grooms relationship.

Talk about how they met and why they are compatible. Never mention anything sexual. Discuss arguments they may have had or compare them to previous partners.

Guests expect best mans wedding toasts to contain funny stories about the groom. Avoid talking about times the bride is unaware of; instead focus on funny times when the groom was a lot younger.

Although any best mans wedding toasts is expected contain an element of teasing, try to balance this with sincerity. Compliment the groom, the families and of course the bride.

Tell the guests why the groom is such a good friend and how happy you are for him to be married to such a lovely woman on this special day.


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