Wedding Vows Should You Write Your Own

The exchanging of wedding vows is a symbolic part of a wedding. The exchange of promises between the bride and groom can be both emotional and moving. There are many different ideas when it comes to wedding vows, some people believe that you should stick with tradition some do not at the end of the day it is down to the individual. Symbolizing your wedding vows can be one of the most significant parts of your wedding, using candles such as unity candles is just one way. Unity candles are becoming a very popular way to symbolize your wedding vows, so much so it is now becoming part of the tradition.

No rules apply when lighting the candles as they hold no religious connotations, most people simply do it after the wedding vows have been exchanged. You do not have to use the traditional written wedding vows you could write your own, or add a personal touch to original wording. By writing your own you will make your wedding more individual and will share your thoughts with your chosen one and guests. If you do decide to write your own wedding vows try not to be too personal and intimate, save these words for a moment when it is just the two of you.

Having said that, your guests will be more moved and interested if the words are heartfelt and loving. The internet can provide you with an enormous catalog of wedding vows from which you can get ideas for your own. Writing your vows with your partner can be a breathtaking moment, however you may prefer to keep your words to yourself until the moment you exchange them If you are reading this and you went with the traditional wedding vows and wish you had not, do not worry you can always renew your vows and have the wedding you want!.

Still unsure if you should go for traditional wedding vows or write your own? To help you make the decision simply read them, do they convey the words you want to say to the person you are about to marry? Do you feel if you added a little it would be better? If so, do it! Do not worry that you are not a poet and do not know where to start, there is plenty of help out there! You can even pay someone to do this for you, all they will need is information about yourself and the person you want the vows written for. Try to get inspiration from other peoples vows, there are books widely available to you both via the internet or from your local library. Do not try and do this at a time when you are stressed or rushing, this important part should be done when you have taken some time out and can really think about it. Try not to worry about being nervous you won't be the only one I promise! Make sure you rehearse the words many times before your wedding day so that you feel comfortable. One way to practise your vows is to do so in front of a mirror or ask a friend to be your audience. This will boost your confidence and as well as help you learn the words.

If the idea of reciting your wedding vows without having them written down is worrying you then take them on a piece of paper and read them, you can dress the paper up so it fits your wedding theme. Above all, enjoy it, remember how much you love the person standing in front of you, if you slip up or get chocked up take a breath, there is no need to rush its your day and everyone there will understand.

Vicki Churchill is the owner of Wedding Table Ideas a site that specialises in wedding table ideas, favors and other occasions.

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